City of Springfield, Illinois

James O. Langfelder - Mayor

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Leaf Pickup/Yard Waste

   2018 Spring Yard Waste/Leaf Pickup Has Concluded

The City of Springfield’s 2018 residential spring yard waste/leaf pickup has concluded. For your yard waste/leaf bags to be picked up, stickers are now required. The next free collection will take place this coming fall. For questions about the City of Springfield yard waste pickup, please call the Office of Public Works at 217.789.2255 or email

   Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Yard Waste?

  • Yard waste, comprised of grass clippings, leaves/weeds, plant trimmings, and/or twigs is collected and recycled locally to make mulch and keeps our sewers and storm drain systems clean and clear of debris.
Can I Throw Yard Waste Away With General Trash?

  • No-Yard waste is banned from being included with general trash, with the exception of sweet-gum balls.
  • Residents should be advised that sweeping leaves into the street is a city violation and doing so could result in a fine.
When Is The City’s FREE Yard Waste Collection?

  • The City hosts an annual free yard waste and leaf pickup in the fall and spring. Yard waste paper bags as well as hard rigid containers marked “yard waste” are accepted for collection during this time. Bags and containers cannot exceed 30 gallons nor weigh more than 50 lbs.
  • Check the City website and local newspaper for an updated collection schedule.
Is Yard Waste Collection Offered Year-Round?

  • Yes- outside of the City’s free collection, curbside collection services are offered year-round.
What Do I Do With My Yard Waste?

  • Yard waste must be placed in yard waste paper bags for collection services.
    • Outside the City’s free collection, yard waste bags must have a special sticker from your waste hauler’s company in order to be collected.
      • Stickers can be purchased for $2/each at your local hardware and/or grocery store.
      • Bags without stickers will be still be collected but resident will be charged $2.50/per bag from their respective waste hauler.
  • Bags should be placed at the end of driveways or on parkways between the sidewalk and street.
  • Bags in compliance will be picked up by their local garbage hauler and there is no need to call to schedule the service.
  • Do not remove yard waste bags once they are placed for collection.
  • Do not use any type of tape on the bag to seal it shut as the tape is not recyclable.
  • Leaves should be placed in paper yard waste bags-not grocery sacks or boxes.
  • Plastic bags are not accepted.
Is There Any Other Way To Dispose Of Yard Waste?

  • Yes- Residents may also drop off their yard waste bags year-round for $1/bag to Evans Recycling with proof of City residency. o Evans Recycling is located at 2100 J. David Jones Parkway and is open Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and Saturday 7:00 .am. - 12-noon. The contact number is 217.391.0886