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Large Item Pickup

   Oversized Items

Springfield residents living within the city's corporate limits are eligible to participate in the city's free large item pick up collection. Habitat for Humanity is now accepting residential scheduled drop offs in addition to curbside pickup. To schedule a drop off or pick up, Springfield residents can call Habitat for Humanity at 217.523.2710. For collection only, residents can also schedule online by clicking here.

Whether registering for the program online or over the phone, residents will be asked what item(s) they have and, in return, will be given a collection date. All participants of the program requesting pick up are asked to place items curbside and to not place items curbside until 24 hours before their scheduled pick up.

All eligible city residents qualify for free scheduled residential curbside pick up of up to six (6) items per calendar year. Pick up can be divided into two (2) transactions of three (3) items per scheduled pick up or one (1) scheduled pick up of up to six (6) items."


   Large Item Pick Up Program Item Checklist

Eligible items for pickup include:

Couches Chairs
Tables Appliances (e.g., refrigerators, stoves, washers, drivers, freezers, and/or dishwashers)
Water heaters Window unit-AC
Mattresses Box Springs
Doors Shelving Units
Filing cabinets 5X10 rolls of carpet
Dressers Desks
Bed frames Grills
Mowers Toilets
Cabinets TV & Stereo Consoles
Basketball hoops Trampolines that have been broken down
Pool liners, poles, ladders, etc. that have been broken down  

Restricted Items:

Automobile parts Central AC units, Portable heaters, Furnaces
Constructions debris (e.g., paint, lumber, dry wall, brick, concrete, siding, etc.) Hazardous materials
Hot tubs Landscaping items (e.g., large rocks, statuary, etc.)
Musical Instruments (e.g., pianos) Railroad ties
Tires TV monitors/electronics

Other options for getting rid of oversized items:

  • Sangamon Valley Landfill, 2565 Sandhill Rd., 528-9256. Accepts large amounts of solid waste, including remodeling and demolition debris as well as large items. Call for specific items, cost details and hours.
  • F & W Resources, 3327 Terminal Ave., 525-1206. Metal salvager. Call for specific items, cost details and hours.
  • Waste Management of Illinois' transfer station, 3000 E. Ash St. - Accepts large amounts of solid waste, including remodeling and demolition debris as well as large items. Also accepts large appliances without Freon and/or cooling units. Call for specific items, cost details and hours.
  • Mervis Iron, 1100 S. Ninth St. - Accepts and recycles large metal appliances without cooling units free of cost. A fee is charged for each unit that needs Freon removed. Call for specific items, cost details and hours.
  • If you have questions regarding items not listed please refer to the Room-to-Room Guide and/or call the Office of Public Works 217.789.2255

Where to take restricted items:

  • Metal Recycling
    • Automotive parts
      • Cannot go to Landfill
      • Check with salvage yards for recycling and selling
    • Central A/C, portable heaters, furnaces
      • Cannot go to Landfill due to Freon
      • Take all items to Metal Salvage yard
  • Construction Debris - Habitat for Humanity Re-Store takes a lot of building/remodeling materials; however, call before drop off donation. If unwanted, contact landfill and/or waste hauler for final disposal.
  • Hazardous materials should be taken to annual Household Hazardous Waste event.
  • Hot tubs (accepted at landfill for drop-off)
  • Landscaping items
    • Gumballs, plants, plaster and concrete can be taken at Landfill
    • Big trees, leaves, branches, grass clipping, other wood materials cannot go to Landfill but taken at Evan’s Recycling
  • Musical Instruments – check with donating to second hand, organizations (e.g., churches, schools, etc.). Contact landfill and/or waste hauler for final disposal.
  • Railroad ties
    • Federal property
    • Soaked in creosote (landfill can take a couple but if truckload must get approval before coming in)
    • Call Landfill prior to taking for approval
    • # to call for complete breakdown - Northfolk Southern Police 1.800.453.2530
  • Tires - take back programs at Tire retail locations (average cost = $2-$5/per tire – depending on size)
  • TV Monitors/Electronics - drop off city program (can currently take to BLH and/or F&W Resources)