Development Assistance


Contact the Office of Planning and Economic Development at 217.789.2377 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

To assist with development in the City of Springfield, the following services are being offered through the Office of Planning and Economic Development.

   Pre-Development Meeting – Commercial  

This meeting is designed to aid individuals that are seeking to construct or update commercial properties within the City of Springfield. The City understands and recognizes that the development process can be demanding and we are determined to do what we can to assist with the outcome from the very beginning.

At this meeting developers will have access to various City officials to answer questions surrounding the logistics’ of development such as zoning, allowable access points, fire safety, and general concerns of the permitting process.

As part of your preparation, it is useful to review applicable City Code Requirement. It is always valuable to start with these ordinances to get an understanding of how the code might be applied to your particular development project.

   Business/Project Advocate

The role of the Business/Project Advocate is to allow Springfield’s developers and business owners the opportunity to have representation regarding various concerns that threaten the success of a project/business. This position is not meant to reverse or subvert City code but rather allow for cases to be made and options to be laid out that will create a positive impact on the business/project and the City of Springfield.

The advocate acts as a middle man between the business and relevant City departments, offering a neutral service that once all sides have been heard can offer solutions and/or the best course of action to be taken.