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City of Springfield Vacant Lot Program

The City of Springfield owns various vacant lots throughout the community that were once the location of blighted and abandoned properties. Now the City is encouraging residents to take ownership of these properties to help beautify their neighborhoods and Springfield through its Vacant Lot Program.

Adjacent property owners are given priority preference to a vacant lot to expand their property lines, start a garden, or help ensure the lot is cared for properly. Other preference is given to:
  • A property owner on the street or block;
  • A neighborhood association or other organization that is actively involved in the neighborhood;
  • A nonprofit organization; or
  • All others

The end goal is to encourage development and rehabilitation of these vacant lots and empower residents to invest in their neighborhoods.

Please note: there is a minimum bid of $500 per parcel required. The minimum bid is the minimum bid required for purchase. Applicants can choose to bid higher for property if desired. Price is not the only factor in bidding but will be considered.

Questions about the process or how to apply for a vacant lot? Please contact the City of Springfield's Office of Planning and Economic Development at 217.789.2377 or email .