City of Springfield, Illinois

James O. Langfelder - Mayor

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Ward Meetings

   Strategic Ward Plans

In late 2015, Mayor Langfelder along with the City Aldermen, announced the complete schedule for the Strategic Ward Planning meetings. The Ward meetings, moderated by outside facilitators, were open forums where individuals and businesses shared their thoughts and views about the priorities for their specific Wards. The discussions covered topics including economic development; infrastructure; recreation; public safety; utilities; community resources; transportation; communications; housing development and beautification.

The City compiled the input into short-term and long-term plans for the City. To review all the ideas shared at the Fall 2015 Ward meetings click here.

The City of Springfield continues to make progress on the issues and concerns brought forward in the Fall 2015 meetings.  Following are updates by each Ward.

Past Three Year Infrastructure Work
Ward 1 Update
Ward 2 Update
Ward 3 Update
Ward 4 Update
Ward 5 Update
Ward 6 Update
Ward 7 Update
Ward 8 Update
Ward 9 Update
Ward 10 Update

In August, 2016, the City began its second round of Ward Forums and completed the meetings in late September.  The information compiled at these meetings will be made available online by mid-November 2016.